About idsDoc


As a web-based software solution for document preparation, idsDoc gives you the control to create initial disclosures and closing documents to fit your preferences and needs. There are countless customizations, tools, and audits available that make the doc prep process more efficient, including the eSign tool, quick data retrieval wizards, and compliance audits.

idsDoc also comes equipped with hundreds of compliance audits to ensure your docs are compliant with all of the current laws and regulations. Our in-house compliance team keeps the system compliance accurate and up-to-date. You may even customize and build audits right into your system that reflect your company-specific requirements.


With all of the latest in technology, idsDoc populates your doc package in under 30 seconds with the ability to send initials in 1 of 3 ways: through IDS's in-house fulfillment center, electronically with eDisclosure, or printed locally as a pdf from your office.