Compliant Fulfillment

After ordering mortgage documents, getting them to the borrower is the next key step in the lending process. Guaranteed to be RESPA compliant, IDS offers several fulfillment options to meet your unique document needs:

1. The Classic: Mail it!

Our in-house fulfillment center will print, stuff, and mail the package for you. Our well-equipped team sends out thousands of disclosures daily, enabling lenders to save on labor and printing costs associated with disclosure delivery with confidence.

2. eDisclosure: Go Paperless!

As the mortgage industry shifts into the digital world, IDS is proud to provide electronic documents for initials, closings, and everything in between. With eDisclosure fulfillment, lenders can email packages to the borrower for efficient delivery.

3. eDisclosure + Mail: Our Recommendation

Worried that borrowers won’t open the eDisclosed documents in a timely manner? If the documents are not received within 3 days, IDS will mail them out as in option one to ensure compliance with industry-mandated disclosure times.

4. Print Locally: Do-it-yourself!

Need to make a last-minute adjustment, or suddenly reschedule an appointment? Download the PDF straight from idsDoc and print it right in your office.

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