idsDoc Tools

eSignature Platform

eSigning documents is easier to do now more than ever. idsDoc’s internally developed eSignature platform contains specialized features and abilities that simplify the eSign process and ease the legal burden of signing in compliance.

With our eSign tool, borrowers have the ability to save and e-mail documents to themselves, view their progress and status throughout the signing process and receive real-time progress notifications so that they can stay up-to-date on the status of their loan at all times. In addition, loan officers get frequent status updates and enhanced tracking abilities to better monitor the eSign process. Clients even have the ability to create lender-specific instructions for borrowers and custom print orders. This tool also includes an archival feature that allows borrowers, lenders and loan officers to retrieve and view previously signed documents at any time.

idsDoc's eSign tool is built with all of the privacy features and identity verification procedures to ensure compliance with eSignature regulations, as well as requirements from IDS customers and industry investors.