idsDoc Tools

Wizards for Loan Document Data Entry

If writing the same thing over and over is used as a punishment in school why would a doc prep system make you do it to create a closing doc package?

The wizard tool is the way you can take out redundancy from the data entry process. A wizard, sometimes called a template, records data in fields that are often the same from loan to loan. Selecting the wizard auto-fills the fields with the set data, this can save you considerable time and reduce the number of potential errors during data entry.

Two ways to save time

There are two types of wizards in IDS, the Master Wizard is used to complete the data that is going to be the same for every loan such as company information, lender information, servicing settings etc. Then for even added timesaving you can make specialized wizards for groups of information like settlement agents, insurance companies, fee structures, investor settings etc.

Making a wizard is easy

Despite being called wizards, it’s not magic that makes this tool so useful. IDS developers created this system to work within the normal workflow of creating a doc package. It’s easy to create a wizard as you go and selecting a wizard can be done right from the data entry screen where it applies.